Gassan Panorama Golf Club

Opened initially in November 2006 as the Gassan Marina Golf Club, it was the third course in the Gassan Group. The course reopened in 2017 and took on its new name, the Gassan Panorama Golf Club. At 7,761 yards, one of the longest courses in Thailand, its unique distinction comes from all 18 holes designed around the contour of a large lake in Chiang Mai. Numerous waterside bunkers, a backdrop of mountains, and lush greenery add to the stunning vista to complement the golf challenge. The course does not have any par-5 holes. Instead it has a par-6 hole that measures at 666 yards from the back tee.


Architect(s) / Year Pravit Reang-Po / 2006
Latest Renovation / Year

Course Statistics

Holes / Par 18 / 72
Average Green Size (Width / Depth)
Average Fairway Width
Water Hazards
Holes with Water Hazards


Turf Grass
Type of Grass Average Cut
Green - -
Teeing Area - -
Fairway - -
Rough - -
Low Season High Season
Green Fee
Weekdays 4,200 THB 4,200 THB
Weekend 4,200 THB 4,200 THB
Holidays 4,200 THB 4,200 THB
Caddy Fee 300 THB 300 THB
Golf Cart Rental 750 THB 750 THB
Golf Cart Usage 1 person per cart 1 person per cart
Club Rental 900 THB 900 THB
Shoes Rental 250 THB 250 THB
Scorecard / Local Rules

Local Rules
1. Out of Bound area (O.B.) Rule 27 are clearly marked with white stake or property fence.
2. Water Hazard (Rule 26) are marked yellow
3. Lateral Water Hazard (Rule 26) are marked Red
4. Embeded Ball (Rule 25-2) in any closely-mown area through the green, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer to the hole.
5. Stone in bunker (Rule 24-1) or other movable obstruction can be remove with no penalty.
6. Free relief from an immovable obstruction is allowed. (Rule 24-2) Cart path, water valve, sprinklers, flower bed, staked tree.

Penalty for breach of rules.
Match play loss of hole. Stroke play 2 strokes penalty.
Note: Golfer should avoid slow play and allow faster groups to play though. Always rake bunkers, cover divots as well as fix ball mark on the green
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